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Vision, Art, Love, Life

I am a photographer with a passion for art, love, and life.

After two decades as a software engineer in high tech, I moved onto my true passion of photography. I completed a photography degree and became a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). There, I furthered my education via conferences, workshops, and intensive courses and perfected my skills as a professional photographer.

I combine the power of photography and technical skills to create gorgeous and expressive portraits, landscapes, and flower images.

I have been spreading my love of photography to others by teaching photography classes at River of Life Foundation, a non-profit organization. I teach workshops in photography techniques and post processing with computer software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

In 2016, I founded, and was the first president of, the 101 Photo Club in order to facilitate others to network within the photography community, both professional and amateur.

I love the beauty of nature, so I photograph everything beautiful: flowers, birds, landscapes and creative portraits.

My dream is to perfect my fine art photography which motivates me to work diligently toward this goal. My dreams continue to inspire me to pursue my passion. I won’t stop dreaming, and therefore I ascend to greater and greater heights.

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